Matchmaking Over Discord

About Purnell

Purnell is an advanced LFG bot for Discord, allowing for matchmaking within or in between Discord servers.


Purnell now operates fully on slash commands. Typing "/" in a server and clicking on Purnell's logo will show a list of available commands along with their syntax.

/lfg (standard|interactive) <description> <game> <user_count> [create_channel]

/interserver (standard|interactive) <description> <game> <user_count> [create_channel]

(standard|interactive) Whether to initialise this request in a single slash command or interactively via a series of messages. When using interactive mode, no other arguments need to be passed.
<description> The description you want to appear in the body of the request, e.g. the specific activity within the game you wish to matchmake for
<game> The name of the game you wish to matchmake for, it can be the games full name or an abbreviation. Certain games have "Rich Support", meaning that the games image, full title, along with some special flavourtext will be used in the request.
<user_count> The number of users you want in the request, currently this can be between 2 and 20 (inclusive)
[create_channel] True/False, Yes/No or Y/N. Whether to create a voice channel (and in future, text channel) for this request. This can be disabled via the guild dashboard

/lfg vs /interserver

Purnell currently has 2 main commands, /lfg and /interserver. Both commands create LFG requests, however, /interserver creates an LFG request which is shared with all servers that have opted into lfg requests for the provided game.


Below is a list of features currently existing in Purnell. This list will be modified as more big features make their way into the bot.

Below is a list of features planned in up and coming releases. They currently have no planned release data, but should hopefully make themselves into Purnell over the coming months.

Supported Games

Purnell supports all games. However, some games have "rich support" with features such as custom flavourtext and game logos. The most popular supported games are:

Feedback and submitting new games

Issues with Purnell, along with any suggestions for its improvement can be reported in the Purnell Support Server.

Games can be submitted via the game submission portal. They can also be submitted in the Purnell support server linked above

Supporting Purnell

I, the creator of Purnell, am merely a lowly student. I haven't monetised the Purnell website since I don't believe in selling people's data, nor do I want to ruin the appearance of the site by plastering ugly adverts everywhere.

If you do want to give back (in a non-monetary way), voting for purnell on discordbotlist.com or top.gg really helps.

Sharing Purnell with your friends also helps massively with our quest to become the premier Discord LFG bot.

Contacting me

The best way to contact me is via the Purnell Support Server, where I'm more than happy to provide assistance with bugs, feature requests, and game submissions.

If you are contacting me regarding an issue of security, commerce, data deletion requests, or anything you'd like dealt with in private, please email admin@purnell.xyz

NOTE: Purnell supports any game, the games shown under Supported Games are games with rich support i.e. custom flavourtext, name aliases, and embed logos