Below is a list of Purnell's most recent changes.

v2.1.0 | Close Request Button!

Purnell 2.1 has launched with the following changes:
- A button allowing for the requesting user to close the request
- Fix to bug where scheduled requests were not being sent (if your scheduled request hasn't been sent recently, it may send itself shortly in order to catch up time-wise)
- Fix to bug where direct messages weren't being sent
- A list of the most popular games in the last 24 hours is now shown on the front page
- Fix a surprise bug where changelogs weren't showing

v2.0.4 | Small dashboard changes

- Associated Games dropdown improved
- Behind the scenes housekeeping

v2.0.3 | Minor patch

The "associated games" field on the guild configuration page has been improved
The welcome message Purnell sends has been cleaned up and dashboard link has been fixed

v2.0.2 | Minor patch

Fixed minor rate limiting issue

v2.0.1 | Minor patch

- Fixes minor bug which was causing interserver request initiation to fail occasionally

v2.0.0 | PURNELL 2.0

- Purnell now uses views as opposed to emojis for most (soon to be all) of its interactions
- Non-slash commands are no longer supported (Discord will be completely blocking them across all bots in April 2022)
- Slash commands reworked, interactive and regular setup are now in 2 separate subcommands
- Ephemeral messages used for all LFG request setup errors
- LFG request DM messages reworked slightly
- "New scheduled request" page no longer errors out

This update is scheduled for release before the 22nd of November :)

v1.19.0 | Reworked LFG system and linked requests

- Reworked lfg system
- No more shadowpinging when creating a request!
- Users are now sent an embed that allows them to manage their request
- Information can now be attached to a request by the requesting user [BETA]
- Addition of /link command,
- Allows for a normal request to be made interserver, but only between selective servers. For example, creating a request in server a and calling /link <REQUEST_ID> in server B would allow users from both server A and B to join the request.
- 401 errors fixed when Discord auth tokens are invalidated

v1.17.1 | Database Restructuring

Major changes to the backend of Purnell. There should be no visible changes on the frontend of Purnell.

v1.17.0 | Configurable voice channel names

Voice channel names can now be configured. You can use the variables "(game_name)", "(id)", and "(max_users)" in the "Voice channel format" field on your guilds dashboard in order to specify the pattern Purnell should use to generate the name of your voice channel.
By default, the pattern used is "(id)-(game_name)".
This means that if your request had an id of 325632 and you were requesting people for a game of Minecraft, the voice channel that appears would be called "325632-Minecraft".

v1.16.1 | Addition of this changelog!

Purnell changes can now be viewed via this changelog, accessible at or via /changelog

v1.16.0 | Slash Commands

Addition of support for slash commands

v1.15.12 | Assorted patches and improvements

The update is composed of a large number of minor patches and improvements.
- More descriptive labels have been added to some of the fields on the guild management page
- Users are now warned on the dashboard page if they have enabled interserver but don't have a configured lfg channel
- Users are now warned against using "<" as a prefix which causes issues with the Discord API
- The "force interserver" option on the dashboard has been removed. This is no longer relevant now interserver is in its own command and was causing more issues than good
- When an error occurs during the setup of an interactive request, the error is shown in the embed, rather than being left hidden to the user
- If an interactive LFG times out without the user sending any messages, it will no longer send a new message (and instead edit the originally sent embed)
- The way errors are shown when calling !lfg or !interserver has been reworked so that multiple can be shown at the same time
- The error shown when trying to make an interserver request with a non-interserver game has been made more verbose
- An issue with viewing a guild dashboard page without logging in has been fixed
- A permissions issue with the help command has been fixed

v1.15.0 | Scheduled requests and assorted other things

- Interactive request timeout time boosted to 1 minute as opposed to 30 seconds. Before, if you were using interactive request setup and didn't interact with it for 30 seconds it'd automatically cancel meaning you would lose your progress.
- Various behind the scenes clean up tasks
- Scheduled requests [BETA]:
- Requests can now be scheduled by a guild admin via the specific guilds dashboard page
- This is currently limited to 1 request per guild whilst the feature is in beta. However, if you are a larger guild, please do contact me and I'll happily raise this limit for you
- This feature is potentially unstable, hence the [BETA] tag. If you do run into any issues, please send them my way and I'll try and get them fixed asap
- Fixed a bug where deleting your lfg channel would cause permission errors (DJANGO-AP)

v1.14.0 | Interactive LFG improvements

- Interactive LFG improved massively
- !lfg split into !lfg and !interserver, Requests using the old style syntax will not work, Purnell will warn you about this too.
- Performance improvements
- Places where you'd use true/false (such as specifying whether to create a voice channel) now accept yes/no and y/n as valid input too
- A variety of boring, technical changes that improve Purnell's maintainability greatly

This update paves the way for version 1.15.0 which shall contain some more exciting new features such as:
- The ability to attach hidden messages to requests (such as invite codes for games) that you don't want the general population seeing
- The ability to schedule a request, i.e. having a request that occurs once every N days